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    High quality and reliability
    in the world of Power Generation

Steam turbines

FTM has developed its product range through a standardized modular approach, in order to meet any customer’s need with the same top-class reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

  • • Power generation
  • • Cogeneration
  • • Condensing
  • • Back-Pressure
  • • Single or Double Reheat
  • • Single or Double Flow
  • • Single or Double Extraction
  • • Steam Induction
  • • Upward, Downward, Lateral and Axial Exhaust

Hydraulic Turbines

Thanks to its long and diversified experience in hydro power machinery, today Franco Tosi Meccanica is able to cover a full range of market applications for the power generation industry. Advanced engineering and standardization methods are the strengths of our approach. Nature is the most important interface for hydroelectric power plants configuration and raises always new challenges for the engineering.

• PELTON - Head from 200 to 1300 m up to 300 MW
• FRANCIS - Head from 30 to 600 m up to 500 MW
• KAPLAN - Head from 5 to 70 m up to 150 MW
• BULB up to 20 MW


Beyond the vast range of Power Generation machinery, Franco Tosi Meccanica historically delivered many compression trains, to serve also the process industry.
Since early Sixties, tens of centrifugal compressors left the Legnano workshop, to reach the destination plants in the world, where - in many cases - they are still running for the production of hydrocarbon derivates, industrial gases, polymers and energy.
Nowadays, by means of strategic sinergies and the contribution of experienced engineers and partners, we offer to the Oil&Gas, Industrial Gases and Energy markets, a broad, portfolio of equipment and services.
Performances, reliability, flexibility are our targets in each project, from the initial design, to the operation, to the whole lifecycle.