• Research & Development


The Research & Development department continuously develops technical solutions for hydraulic and steam applications with continuous collaboration with international research institutes. Main fields of activities are: compressible and incompressible fluid dynamics, structural research mainly in dynamic effects with unsteady interaction between flow and structures, materials and coatings for power generation application. From this starting point, FTM product standards are continuously improved and implemented to meet the best reliability efficiency and cost compromise.

In order to face the pressing environmental challenge, important efforts are dedicated to study leading solutions in the renewable fields. A special focus is dedicated to solar applications with advanced thermal cycles. Hydro-electrical power plants are as well studied to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and to mitigate the problem of power variation caused by sun and wind sources. Our vision is to identify sun, wind and hydroelectric sources of energy as unique renewable scenario. Scientific papers testify the quality of our research as well as being valuable support material for international conferences our team attends to.