• Steam turbines


FTM has developed its product range through a standardized modular approach, in order to meet any customer’s need with the same top-class reliability,
efficiency and flexibility.


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Type of machines described above are typical arrangement of different standard modules which can be combined in several possible solutions.
For example, the HIC / DL turbine is made by one HI module (High pressure and Intermediate pressure sections combined in the same cylinder) + one DL module (Double flow Low pressure cylinder). On the other hand, a backpressure turbine with reheat can be obtained by utilizing only an HI module.


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SCF [10 MW - 100 MW]

Single flow, same flow direction for the entire bladed path. Full arc admission with reaction blades as well as control stage version are available. Very simple mechanical scheme to meet the highest performance and reliability standards of a wide and diversified market, from industrial applications to geothermal needs. Small nominal power turbines of this type are usually high speed ones, with a gearbox for coupling with the generator.


SRCF [20 MW - 160 MW]

Single flow, HP section flow in opposite direction to IP and LP flow, single cylinder. This turbine standard has been developed to answer to needs of our customers both in the industrial and utility sector. Full arc, fully reaction HP section version is available as the control stage version, to fit any operational configuration. Machine of this configuration may be realized with or without reheat starting from the smallest sizes.


DC/SL-DL [50 MW - 250 MW]

Two cylinders, single LP cylinder. This two cylinder configuration, made by a high pressure AS module plus a single flow (SL) or double flow low pressure turbine (DL), covers with state of the art performance a broad range of applications: typical are combined cycles, solar and biomass with a high degree of flexibility in steam conditions provided by different versions of the same basic standard. Sliding pressure operations with full arc admission is typical although control stage versions can be supplied as well. This arrangement allows to choose the optimal speed for each machine section, also setting one turbine module on each side of the generator.


HIC/DL-ML [80 MW - 500 MW]

Configuration with two or three cylinders. The first one is a combined HP and IP section, while the second (and third, when needed) one is a double flow low pressure module. Usually these turbines have a reheat admission, and a full arc HP admission when used in combined cycle applications. This type of turbine is appreciated both by utility and industrial customers when specific needs of compactness are present in the medium power range.


DHI/DL-ML [150 MW - 850 MW]

Turbines applied in large power range, sub critical or super critical steam conditions. Leading edge technology, both in mechanical and aerodynamic design ensures the best efficiency and reliability, in USC configurations if requested for coal / fossil fired plants and in sub critical one for combined cycles as well. Full arc admission and full reaction blading. This configuration is made by an AS module for the High Pressure Turbine plus one single (MS) or double flow (MD) intermediate pressure module plus one (DL) or more (ML) double flow Low Pressure Elements.



Customers choose FTM impulse type turbines because of their extreme robustness, simplicity and operational flexibility. Small nominal power turbines of this type are usually high speed ones, with a gearbox for coupling with the generator.