• Third party


Franco Tosi Meccanica is famous worldwide for the production of steam and hydraulic turbines, but our production capacity allows us to satisfy external demand for third party operations for the large machine tools production, cement industry, mills, presses and valves.
Our facility is equipped with reamers with Y-axis up to 6.5 meters and 25 meters X-axis, with vertical lathes working for components up to 15 meters in diameter, the parallel lathes up to 3.2 meters in diameter, served by travelling cranes with capacities up to 100 tons.

FTM facility accounts for 18,000 squared meters dedicated to the production of welded components, plate preparation machines, furnaces for the treatment of large components, sandblasters and paint booths which enable to produce, labor and finish any component internally.

The rotors welding center, the over speed test bunker and the department for blade production are peculiar facilities Franco Tosi Meccanica may offer to its clients.