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Beyond the vast range of Power Generation machinery, Franco Tosi Meccanica historically delivered many compression trains, to serve also the process industry.

Since early Sixties, tens of centrifugal compressors left the Legnano workshop, to reach the destination plants in the world, where - in many cases - they are still running for the production of hydrocarbon derivates, industrial gases, polymers and energy.

Nowadays, by means of strategic sinergies and the contribution of experienced engineers and partners, we offer to the Oil&Gas, Industrial Gases and Energy markets, a broad, portfolio of equipment and services.

Performances, reliability, flexibility are our targets in each project, from the initial design, to the operation, to the whole lifecycle.

Because the heritage that we received from Mr. Franco Tosi since 1877 is to deliver real value to clients, with competence and passion.

End-users of the Up-Mid-Downstream, power and industrial markets can access to the Italian quality, flexibility and reliability, working with responsive engineering team from the early stage of a project to the whole lifecycle of their compression facilities.


Today, as the first fully Italian player in the historical panorama of rotating equipment, we deliver our leading edge machinery for a broad range of market applications. Product range includes Centrifugal Compressors up to 50MW, with Horizontal or Vertical splits casings and Integrally Geared configurations.

The supply can span from the bare machine, designed and manufactured to the most stringent engineering specification, to the complete compression train, featuring the prime mover, the auxiliary systems, the control, safeguarding and monitoring equipment, fully preassembled and tested to ensure a simple, safe and reliable installation matching the schedule of your project. The sizing range features three main families of machines, each of them selectable for different application, according the process conditions.

turbo compressori



TCH process compressors are horizontally split type, meaning that casing is made by two halves, jointed on a plane parallel to the rotor axis.

Low and medium pressure applications (up to 40 bar) are typical for this design. This configuration allows easier access to all internals for inspection and maintenance, as most of the cases piping nozzles are located on the bottom half of the casing, and just unbolting the joint and lifting the upper casing, rotor and other inner components can be serviced, without removing process and auxiliary piping. TCH serie compressors, API617 compliant, can be arranged in a variety of flow path configurations, implementing one to ten impellers, depending on the required head. When interstage cooling is not necessary, the arrangement is usually a straight-through (inline) configuration, with one single body and one flowpath.

When intercooling is required, machine configuration typically results into two-section compressor in either an inline (compound) or back-to-back arrangement, with one single body and two flowpaths. Also a double-flow configuration is available for high-flow/low-head applications, with one single body and two inlet flowpaths converging into a single outlet.



TCB process compressors are vertically split type, with end covers secured to the main body by means of bolting or shear rings. Process flanges are usually fitted on the upper region of the cylinder, inline or slanted. This type of machine is usually selected for High Pressure (over 40 bar) and for critical services applications (hydrogen mixtures, toxic gases).

The rotor and stationary internals are assembled as a cylindrical inner bundle. By removing the end cover, this bundle is inserted or removed axially through one end of the outer casing.

Normally more compact than TCH machines, TCB barrel compressors are fitted with 2 to 9 impellers per casing. Both journal and thrust bearings are of the tilting-pad type. Dry gas type mechanical seals are the standard choice for shaft-end, while the interstage seals are of the labyrinth type.

While inspection & maintenance to rotor and diaphragms require the inner bundle to be removed, bearings as well as shaft-end seals can be accessed directly from external, making these operations easier.



TCX series compressors are multi-shaft, multi-stage, multi-service Integrally Geared type. This type of compressor has a bull gear and from one to four high-speed pinions. One or two impellers can be mounted on each pinion-shaft.

The possibility to choose optimal impeller number, size and speeds and adding intercooling between stages makes these machines very efficient and flexible. Rotors are optimized in a wide speed range, that can reach 50.000 rpm on the pinion shaft, to maximize compressor performances.

The volute assembly can be fabricated or casted steel, depending on application. Also the shaft seal system is selected according the type of handled fluid and its operating conditions.

Labyrinth shaft seals are usually selected for air applications while Dry Gas Sealing (DGS) are common when dealing with hydrocarbons.